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Derderian Academy of Martial Arts of Johnston, Rhode Island will Change Your Life from the Inside - Out!

Martial arts is for all ages. Regardless of skill level and physical strength, karate and martial arts are a great way to encourage anyone to be more active and self-confident while having fun at the same time. It's an exciting sport that involves group participation, develops coordination, and one-on-one training that builds physical stamina and alertness that can be applied both now and later in life. Our programs give you a full body workout, letting you experience the fun and excitement that martial arts training can bring. At Derderian Academy of Martial Arts, our mission is to instill the traditional values and training methods of karate instruction while emphasizing a fun and safe atmosphere for all our students.

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Training Methods For Different Needs

Never be bullied again! We teach karate as a self-defense tool, but we also encourage it as a way to improve your outlook on life and personal level of self-esteem and confidence. Comprehensive and dynamic, you will find in our classes a strong commitment to our students, bringing out their full potential. Several different workshops and seminars covering self-defense, bully-proof training, and safety are represented in our lineup of programs offered to students of all ages and skill sets.

Professional Instruction

Our instructors include the best of the best. They are all highly qualified, having achieved high marks in martial arts and karate instruction, and having been trained to the fullest to take on the challenges of teaching new students these timeless techniques. We have the skills to transform you, your child, or anyone into the self-defense pro they desire to become, teaching them the hand-eye coordination, alertness and mental attitude necessary to compete in any tournament (optional) or defend themselves in just about any real life situation.

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As one of the leading Karate schools in Rhode Island, we invite anyone to stop by and discuss your goals with us.

Fun Events for a Well Rounded Experience

In addition to our tournaments, training programs, and self-defense courses, we offer fun events including Movie Night, Parents' Night Out, Nerf Wars, Angry Birds, Dodge Ball, and celebrations for holidays, letting the entire family get involved.

Applying What You've Learned

Nutrition information and practical guidance from our instructors will help light your way, as taking the techniques and values that you learn in the dojo and applying them outside the dojo will be an important step in your growth and development. We trust that the instruction you receive from Derderian Academy of Martial Arts will become one of your greatest assets in life, both mentally and physically, but we also fully expect that you will have a lot of fun and excitement in the process. Nothing quite compares to the self-assurance that comes from knowing the most effective and appropriate way to handle just about any situation that life brings on.

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Getting Set For Success

In a short period of time you will begin to feel better about yourself and feel more energetic. Martial arts can be a blessing to your family in ways you've never imagined. It can be learned at any stage in life, from the very young to the very old, and eager students will likely excel far beyond what they first imagined when they make the decision to take that first class. Give us a call right now at 401-946-0384 to learn more and schedule your first trial class.